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“But I don’t do R&D, I’m just doing my job.”

Knowing if you qualify for R&D is difficult, and the statement above is a theme regularly appearing for company directors. But R&D is a broad area, and many directors are disqualifying themselves because they think of R&D in narrow terms.

We offer a free, 15-minute Zoom for company directors who aren’t sure what R&D is, or whether their business qualifies.

No sales.

Just you talking about your business and us listening with our R&D ears primed and ready.



What We Do

Qualification Checks

We get to know your business and we examine your projects, new and old, to work out where your R&D is.

R&D is a broad field, and a lot of people disqualify themselves, not knowing that they do more R&D than they realise.

If you have done R&D, we will find it!

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Technical Narrative Writing

Technical narratives are tough.

They need to be filled with the technical detail to demonstrate expertise and prove R&D took place, whilst also being palatable and understandable by a non-expert in the field HMRC official.

So, What is R&D?

Accounting Accuracy

R&D has very particular apportionment and qualification rules when it comes to your claim.

This is a key part of any claim, and so accurate figures need to be tied to the technical report.

So, What is R&D?

Complete Transparency

Unlike many other companies, we show you exactly what we are claiming and how we are claiming it.

We will take on all of the leg work and submission for you, but you will still have control of your claim.

I want to claim

How we work.

R&D is by its very nature a technical subject. So HMRC require a quite specific methodology in order to evaluate a claim. Our 4 step process enables us to maximise your claim value by not missing any of the key information that exists within your company while keeping your workload light and your stress minimal. We take the pain and the strain, out of the claim.



This is a short 30 minute interview. We provide a little R&D background but mostly we just listen to you talk about your business and your project, occasionally popping up with helpful questions.



After we have looked at the accounts we can produce the skeleton of the claim.

This internal process is completed when we present you with the rough what, where and how much proposal.

It’s at this point we usually get an audible ‘Yes!’ from you.





Depending on the size and complexity of the claim, this is where collaboration will mostly take place.

We will interview your staff and liaise with you about the finer points of your project, ensuring every pound is accounted for and that we are fully equipped to handle the great big machine that we call HMRC.



Once you are happy with all of the information we submit your claim for you and HMRC will process the documents before paying the money directly into your account.

This is typically a 28 day process.



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