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Hydrology Modelling

We have developed hydrology models to analyse water flow regarding site developments. Those hydrology models formed the basis of the drainage designs for the scheme.

Complex Design

Due to complex site conditions and/or drainage requirements, our design needed to incorporate elements such as bridges, retaining features or other designs in order to achieve the brief.


Years of previous projects can be included and backdated for R&D purposes.

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Typical R&D Sentences

Green Design

Environmental, Design

We worked on a design scheme where specific green energy goals were set out in the initial brief. The combination of material specification, geographical components and installation methods had to be bespoke to attain the goals set out in the initial brief. This led to innovative methods and required intense testing to ensure materials met the demands required.

Innovative Water Waste Technology Systems

Environmental, Design

Our design incorporated water drainage systems that integrated with existing infrastructure or local services to ensure greater environmental performance. Our design integrated existing technologies in order to achieve a bespoke solution for the development’s needs.

Innovative Design

Environmental, Design, Manufacturing

We took the initiative in designing a new, or improving on an existing, system that improved the original scheme. 

Foundation and Earthwork Design

Environmental, Design

We worked on a scheme with specific soil difficulties. Our design had to overcome soil based complications in order to achieve the structural requirements at a foundational level. Although typical building methods were used to achieve the design, the combination of techniques was unusual to see. 


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