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We are absolutely convinced that if either of the following two statements are true about your business, then you are doing R&D works and should speak with us.

3D Modelling

We have been designing in-house or outsourced design, using BIM 3D software and are actively involved in construction products when BIM models are being used. Or, we are working towards being BIM compliant.

M&E Integration

We have worked on projects where existing buildings have required new or updated mechanical or technological devices that needed to be integrated into the existing structure. We designed, or installed these systems.


Years of previous projects can be included and backdated for R&D purposes.

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Typical R&D Sentences

Experimenting with Materials

Environmental, Design, Manufacturing

We found ourselves on a project where we couldn’t use the typical materials for the type of work that was required. We combined materials to solve a problem or we found a new way of applying those materials to a novel construction method to make the project work.

We made it work

Novel Methodology, Design

We found ourselves on a project that would not go to plan. Changing site conditions, drawing revisions or incorrect design made the job complex. We found workarounds and helped to revise the design to achieve the initial brief, but the methods were not typical. We helped to overcome the technical difficulty.

Historical Buildings

Environmental, Design, Manufacturing

We were asked to develop a renovation plan for a listed building with specific material protections and restrictions in place. Some elements of the renovation were made particularly difficult with certain materials and construction methods no longer available or appropriate. We collaborated with the contractors to ensure the renovation was completed to brief and compliant with all protections using some creative methods and material usage.

Adapting to New Requirements

Environmental, Design, New Methodology

Health and Safety, Fire Regulations, Noise, Dust, Contamination. The list of regulations that need to be complied with is extensive, and those regulations occasionally change too. We had to develop new strategies and develop new construction / maintenance methods in order to comply with the new regulation changes.

Modifying Components and Fittings

Manufacturing, Design, New Methodology

We spend a lot of time modifying standard components, tools or materials in order to make them work. The situations we find ourselves in means that the typical materials and tools aren’t able to do the job they are designed for but we are able to make them work.


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