What counts as R&D for architects:


What counts as R&D for architects?

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So, what counts as R&D for architects?

Good question.  Read the following statements. If any of them sound like something you say about your business then you are probably doing work that counts as R&D for architects.

And then you should probably speak with us.

3D Modelling

We develop 3D photorealistic mockups of projects and submit them to clients as part of a tender process. We use BIM to create 3D CAD models of the buildings that we work on.

Carbon Neutral

Our design methodology ensures that new buildings and renovations use the most up to date products and technology, ensuring they are as energy efficient as possible.


Years of previous projects can be included, meaning more can be claimed.

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Typical ‘R&D for Architects’ Sentences

New Materials

Environmental, Design

We constantly use new products and building methods within our schemes, replacing old or inferior systems. This means that we have to regularly research new products and are always creating new combinations within our designs.

VR Experience

Software, Design

We want to stand out from the competition and add value to our customers. To do this we invested into software / hardware and developed a 3D/VR experience for our customers to visualise and walk through designs.

Historical Buildings

Environmental, Design, Manufacturing

We were asked to develop a renovation plan for a listed building. The protections and restrictions made certain elements of the renovation complex, as some materials and construction methods were no longer available or appropriate. We worked with the contractors and ensured the renovation was completed in a compliant fashion, using some creative methods and materials.

Subcontracted Specialists

Environmental, Design, Manufacturing

Some of our projects are ambitious and so we work with other specialist designers. These include engineers, M&E specialists and other surveyors. These jobs require lots of back and forth, and often we have to help overcome problems on site where gaps appear.


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